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    1. Thank you for choosing BUILDLAB LLC (hereinafter referred to as "BUILDLAB"), having its registered office in 427 Graham Cir, Erie CO 80516 USA. The use of digital content and/or services all made available by us is subject to these Terms and Conditions of use (hereinafter, for the sake of brevity, "Terms").

    2. By accepting these Terms, the User undertakes to comply with everything contained in this document, as well as to implement all appropriate measures to ensure the correct use of the Application.


    1. The User can use the Application to enjoy the game and its related digital content made available to him, such as, by way of example and not limited to, the purchase of virtual products and/or services to customize the gaming experience to your liking.

    2. Within the application, it is also possible to interact with other Users and with the Staff of BUILDLAB. through special virtual chats, in which a behaviour based on respect for all members of our Community must be maintained, as regulated below.


    1. Offering a fun and safe gaming environment is our priority. In pursuing this goal, we do not tolerate any kind of cheating or offensive behaviour and we expect exemplary and rule-abiding conduct from our players. In this sense, we reserve the right to proceed with the appropriate actions to restore normal game conditions in the face of behaviours, in our opinion, that is not correct.

    2. Users who do not comply with the rules of conduct indicated in this document, as well as our Terms, will be punished with disciplinary sanctions, including the revocation of the game currency, the temporary suspension of the account or its permanent and irreversible closure.

    3. If the Users carry out behaviours of such gravity as to cause damage to the Company, BUILDLAB reserves the right to appeal to competent authorities to protect its rights and interests.

    4. Help us create the best possible gaming environment and protect you, your account and your device by always keeping the following in mind while you play.


    1. Any kind of interaction within the game requires respect for all players. Here are some behaviours that, to guarantee you an excellent gaming experience, we cannot in any way tolerate and that could lead to the temporary suspension of the gaming account or the irreversible cancellation of the same, without prejudice to the right to appeal to the competent Authorities in cases more serious:

      1. expressions of hatred, racism or another discriminatory language;

      2. sexually explicit puns;

      3. threats or harassment of any kind towards other Users;

      4. excessive use of profanity or swearing;

      5. harassing or denigrating acts of any kind towards other Users;

      6. violent, threatening, discriminatory behaviour of any kind towards other Users;

      7. impersonate a member of BUILDLAB Staff to extort information, sensitive data, prevent the game from other Users, change their fate or for any other reason;

      8. implement the aforementioned conduct towards the BUILDLAB Staff if it intervenes for one or more of the above reasons or any other reason.

    2. If you meet another player who has any of the behaviours described above towards you or others, please let us know using the appropriate button for reporting that you find when viewing the profile of the player in question. To better protect you, we suggest you accompany the reports, if possible, with screenshots of the same, so that our staff can examine them and intervene. BUILDLAB, while supporting you, is not responsible for the conduct of its Users.

    3. Behaving disrespectfully towards other players can lead to a temporary, or even permanent, suspension of the chat in the game and, in the most serious cases, to the suspension of the game account or cancellation of the same, without prejudice to the right to appeal to the competent Authorities.


    1. Third-party software consists of applications not approved by BUILDLAB that allow you to manipulate the game and its normal ways of playing. These programs provide unfair advantages to those who use them and put your account and your privacy at risk they can steal confidential information that can be used for illegal purposes.

    2. In the case of the use of similar software, BUILDLAB cannot in any way be held responsible for the theft or disclosure of sensitive data or other types of information.

    3. BUILDLAB reserves the right to cancel the gaming account of anyone who makes use of these means, as well as to take the necessary measures, should greater damage result from such an activity.

    4. Cheating to gain advantage to the detriment of other players is strictly prohibited. Therefore, anyone who exploits bugs of any kind to manipulate the game and its natural fate will be punished with penalties such as the revocation of the game currency, the temporary suspension of the account or its permanent and irreversible closure. Also, in this case, BUILDLAB reserves the right to take the necessary measures, should greater damage arise from such activities.

    5. Anyone who finds any type of malfunction is requested to promptly report it to the assistance service, without exploiting the situation to obtain an undue advantage to the detriment of other Users and the Company.

    6. BUILDLAB cannot in any way be held responsible for the behaviour of its Users in violation of these rules or violation of the law, but will take all necessary measures to suppress them, also thanks to your help, your reports, but above all to your respectful and cooperative behaviour.

    7. Please note that any different use of the Services and Contents provided constitutes a serious violation of this Agreement, therefore, BUILDLAB is authorized to take the most appropriate measures to protect itself and all Users.


    1. To use the BUILDLAB Applications, the User must have a Google or Apple Account. The age requirements for creating the aforementioned accounts are governed by the relevant Terms, to which reference should be made in full.

    2. The use of the Application is reserved exclusively for persons aged 13 (thirteen) or older, or at the equivalent minimum age for the relevant jurisdiction.

    3. Users considered minors in their country can use the Application only if authorized by a parent or legal guardian.

    4. Parents or the legal guardian must duly inform underage Users about the risks associated with the possibility of dialoguing and interacting with unknown people on the internet and they undertake to take the necessary precautions to protect underage Users, including denial of the use of services and contents of BUILDLAB

    5. The User undertakes to respect the age limits just mentioned, in compliance with this document and with the law in force.


    1. The use of the Application may require compatible devices, access to an internet connection, as well as constant updating of the Application itself based on the periodic changes made by BUILDLAB

    2. For everything concerning the use of Personal Data, please refer to our Privacy Policy.


    1. When you purchase our Application you enter into a separate agreement based on these Terms.

    2. When making a purchase, the User agrees that the information relating to the Payment Data is provided to the third-party financial partner, which will collect the billing data necessary to process the charges to be paid by the User. These data may include personal data, postal address, e-mail address and the user's financial data. BUILDLAB does not collect or store such User Data (by way of example, but not limited to, credit card numbers). However, the payment managers of BUILDLAB may share the User's non-financial data relating to purchases with us, such as their data, billing address and items purchased for order fulfilment.

    3. The prices and availability of all the services and digital content offered by BUILDLAB they can be changed at any time before the User completes the purchase and is duly informed.

    4. Taxes identify all means all financial charges, by way of example but not limited to, commissions, taxes (other than income taxes) that may arise from the sale of BUILDLAB services, including any related interests or penalties. The User is responsible for any Taxes and is required to pay for the Contents without any reduction for them. If BUILDLAB were obliged to pay Taxes, the relative amount will be charged to the User. The User is required to comply with all applicable tax laws.

    5. All sales are final and we are not obliged to make refunds.

    6. When the User makes a purchase on our Application, for all legal purposes the User has the right to withdraw from the purchase contract relating to digital content, as the User is qualified as a consumer. However, when purchasing the digital content made available by BUILDLAB, the User acknowledges that such digital content will be made available immediately and, therefore, expressly agrees to waive his right of withdrawal. If the User decides to ask Google Play or App Store for a refund, then the User must immediately inform the staff in order to let BUILDLAB remove the specific digital content.

    7. BUILDLAB, in any case, reserves the right to submit to the Users, selected according to pre-established and unquestionable criteria, advantageous commercial offers.


    1. If any kind of malfunction occurs in the game, you can report it to our staff through the appropriate channels.

    2. Our operators will carry out the necessary checks and will intervene as quickly as possible to help you solve your problem.

    3. Do not rush! Our work is complex and requires a series of verification processes for your sole protection, which, at times, may require several days of work. In any case, we will guarantee prompt intervention in the shortest possible time.

By accepting this document, you expressly declare that you have read, understood and accepted all of the above.

We are constantly striving to make our applications a safe and fun place, but our efforts alone cannot be enough. Therefore, we believe that the collaboration of all our Users is necessary, to guarantee pleasant and leisure moments.

Good Game!